Board of Directors

Dr. Khalfan bin Mohammed Al Barwani
Executive Vice President for Investment Sector, CBO
Chairman – CBFS

Mr.Rashid bin Zayed Al Ghassani
Executive Vice President for Supervision and Regulation Sector - CBO
Deputy Chairman, CBFS

Dr. Maryam bint Balarab Al Nabhani
Director General of Private Universities and Colleges
Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation
Board Member, CBFS

Sheikh Waleed bin Khamis Al Hashar
Chief Executive Officer, Bank Muscat
Board Member, CBFS

Mr. Ahmed bin Jaffer Al Musalami
Chief Executive Officer, Sohar International
Board Member, CBFS

Mr. Sulaiman bin Hamed Al Harthi
Chief Executive Officer, Oman Arab Bank
Board Member, CBFS

Mr. Said bin Abdullah Al Hatmi
Chief Executive Officer, Ahli Bank
Board Member, CBFS

Sheikh. Mohammed bin Ghalib Al Hinai
Minister’s Advisor for Human Resources Planning, Ministry of Labor
Board Member, CBFS

Dr. Zahran bin Salim Al Salti
Dean, CBFS
Board Member and Recorder, CBFS