Student Affairs

International Students Support

The College of Banking and Financial Studies as the First accredited government Institution (CBFS) in higher education realizes the various challenges faced by international students. CBFS aims to ensure integration and inclusion of students from different backgrounds. It strives to create a supportive culture both academically and culturally. The following is a summary of the services provided.


Services provided to the International Students


    Inductions aim to familiarize students with CBFS rules and regulations. It allows students to not only meet both academic and administrative staff but also to clarify doubts and address any concerns they have.



      It is well equipped and well stocked with books and national and international journals catering to the different courses being offered by the College. The library has an open shelf system which allows the reader to get an idea about the different books which deal with one specific subject. The collection is constantly being updated. The library is committed to supporting the academic work of students by providing access to information that supports learning and research. The library has digital resources which are useful for students and faculty researches. The library has a large study area, computers and internet access for the students to use. The library also has an electronic research engine called EBSCO, which aids students in their reference work and research.


      1. Sunday to Thursday 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM
      2. Friday & Saturday Closed


    Banking services are provided to CBFS students through the ATM which is located outside the campus.



      It has a praying hall for male and female students. It is a place where the students can pray and take rest.


    College of Banking and Financial Studies offers free health care to all students at the student clinic. In addition, the college has a cooperation with Muscat Private Hospital to welcome any students from the college who have a very serious situation and the college has the transportation facility to transfer any patient to the hospital if needed.


    Internet Access

      The college provides internet for email and websites hosting for the students. CBFS web can be accessed in and off the college. Furthermore, Wi-Fi service is available for all students where they can get the accessibility through the registration of their devices.


    The college has 4 restaurants that provide variety of food for the students and staff. The prices are suitable for both.


    Visa Processing

      CBFS assists international students who are accepted to study in the college to finish their Visa application process.


    The college has the advisory council which include 11 members. International students have the right to elect their representative.



      IGFU provides training opportunities for international students in selected companies.


    The college conducted many activities which are organized by the students. The international student has the chance to be part of these activities. In addition, entertainment facilities are also provided by CBFS to all students. Also, international students can join non-academic groups and share their talents with everyone.


    Accommodation and Transportation

      The college has no accommodation and transportation, however students’ affairs unit can assist the students and guide them to select the nearest hostels and give them list of transports contact numbers.


    College of Banking and Financial studies is providing two types of scholarships for the international students which are as following:

    1. Top Achievers scholarships
    2. Non-resident students’ scholarships.


    Counseling Services

      Students Affairs provide counseling and guidance services for the students. Any student faces any academic or non-academic issue, SAU will help them to get over it and give them the right advice and direction.