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The degree aims to offer overall understanding of the theories and practices of Accounting, Finance and auditing specifically focusing on the relevant sectors in Oman. The Program offers an opportunity to study the nuances of Accounting, Finance, and Auditing structure including theoretical insights and practical applications to enable the students to identify and critically evaluate the challenges in accounting finance and auditing fields. It displays an appreciation of the nature and functioning of financial markets and Omani Financial System and Products. The students develop the ability to interpret and analyze financial data acquire knowledge of the latest development in the theoretical, empirical and applied research in finance and Auditing; The course also Assists employability through the acquisition of specific subject and transferable skills consistent with the expectations of employers in corporate finance and financial services and Facilitate students to meet industry challenges.

Entry Requirements
  • Diploma in Accounting, Finance, Human Resource, Marketing, Banking or its equivalent
  • A direct entry into the program after completing the Higher Secondary School level.
  • Proof of proficiency in English language (a score of at least 5.0 with reading and writing at least 4.5 in the IELTS test of English, (unless their first degree was taught in English) is a must.
Examining Authorities

College of Banking and Financial Studies


It will take 4 years (8 semesters) to complete the program on a full-time mode, assuming the student has met the entry requirements.



Semester One

  • Quantitative Methods for Business (UG107)
  • Principles of Business Management (UG066)
  • Financial Accounting 1(UG036)
  • Business Economics (UG015)
  • Technical writing (UG135)

Semester Two

  • Financial Management (UG038)
  • Quantitative Methods for Business 2(UG108)
  • Oman Business Law(UG090)
  • Financial Accounting 2(UG037)
  • Business Communication(UG014)

Semester Three

  • Intermediate Accounting -1(UG052)
  • Banking and insurance Companies Accounting(UG010)
  • Investment Management & Portfolio Analysis(UG070)
  • Risk Management(UG117)
  • E-Business(UG031)

Semester Four

  • Cost and Management Accounting(UG027)
  • Intermediate Accounting-2(UG053)
  • Islamic Accounting and Banking(UG072)
  • Research Methods in Accounting and Auditing(UG114)
  • Audit and Corporate Governance (UG006)

Semester Five

  • Advanced Corporate Reporting(UG003)
  • Advanced Managerial Accounting(UG005)
  • Project Management (UG104)
  • Government and Non-profit Organization Accounting(UG045)
  • Oman and Islamic Civilization(UG089)

Semester Six

  • International Corporate Finance(UG060)
  • Financial Statement Analysis(UG043)
  • Entrepreneurship(UG033)
  • Oman Labour Law(UG091)
  • Internship(INTERN)(UG065)

Semester Seven

  • International Accounting(UG056)
  • Contemporary Issues in Accounting(UG024)
  • Internal Audit and Financial Conytrol (UG055)
  • Research project-1(UG101)
  • Elective 1

Semester Eight

  • Accounting Information Systems(UG001)
  • Ethics and conduct of Accounting Profession(UG034)
  • Advanced Financial Accounting(UG004)
  • Research project -2
  • Elective 2(UG102)

List of Electives: Electives could be given in groups, so that it specifies the semester number.

GROUP – 1 (Semester – 7)

  • Taxation Accounting(UG128)
  • Accounting Theory(UG002)
  • Personal Finance(UG096)
  • Management Information System(UG080)

GROUP – 2 (Semester – 8)

  • For-profit Service Organization Accounting(UG044)
  • Real Estate Finance(UG110)
  • Strategic Business Analysis(UG121)
  • Financial Markets and Institutions(UG022)
  • Econometrics(UG030)

*Sequence of the modules may change subject to requirements

  • May - August
  • December-January
Contact Details
  • Dr. T.T.A. Rohanaraj, Director - Undergraduate Studies
    Office Line: 22059848
  • Ms. Zamzam Al-Tamtami
    Administrative Assistant - Undergraduate Studies
    Office Line: 22059822