B.Sc. (Hons) Accounting and Finance (University of Bradford)

B.Sc. (Hons) in Accounting and Finance (University of Bradford)


Department of Undergraduate Studies


The College of Banking and Financial Studies offers an Undergraduate Degree in B.Sc (Honours) in Accounting and Finance run in collaboration with the University of Bradford. The programme of study combines academic rigour with practice and relevance for Accounting and Finance in the Banking and Finance sectors. The programme will give students an opportunity to gain detailed knowledge of Accounting and Finance and broader knowledge of Business and Management. In the first year, students will study the basic disciplines involved in Management. From the second year, students will be introduced to topics such as the use of spreadsheets and databases in accounting, business finance and taxation. Final year modules focus on strategic, international and contemporary issues in Accounting and Finance. B.Sc. (Accounting and Finance) Degree is a comprehensive degree with special focus on accounting and finance.

Entry Requirements Click Here

Successful completion of Pre-Degree Foundation programme of the University of Bradford.


For Direct Entry

  • A-Levels of 320 points (ABB).
  • Indian Year XII 75%.
  • An International Baccalaureate score of 27.
  • A Polytechnic Diploma from a UK approved Institution with B grade average (or a GPA average of 2.8).


English Language Criteria

All applicants must meet the required level of English Language ability. The University will accept the following indicators of English Language attainment: A GCSE English at Grade C. Or a Grade C in O-Level English Language and Maths (or equivalent approved qualification). Applicants for whom English is not their first language, must have a minimum overall score of 6.0 in IELTS (with a minimum of 5.5 in each component). Cambridge Advanced English – grade C or above Cambridge Proficiency in English – grade C or above.

Mathematics Criteria

All applicants must meet the required level of Mathematics ability. The University will accept the following indicators of Mathematics attainment:

  • A GCSE/GCE Mathematics at Grade C or above.
  • All non-standard applications will be considered on a case by case basis by the University of Bradford.


Examining Authorities

College of Banking and Financial Studies

University of Bradford


It will take 3 years to complete the programme on a full-time mode, assuming the student has met the entry requirements

Programme Content Click Here

Stage 1 - offered from 2017/18 onwards

Sem Level Module Title Module Code A&F
1&2 4 Business Economics AFE4001-B Core
1&2 4 Foundations of Marketing MAR4002-B Option
1&2 4 Introduction to Accounting HRM4009-B Option
1&2 4 People Work and Organisations/Work in Context HRM4009-B Option
1&2 4 Principles of Management OIM4006-B Core
1&2 4 Operations and Information Systems Management OIM4002-B Option
1&2 4 Introduction to Finance AFE4004-B Core
1&2 4 Business Law and Ethics for Accountants LAW4006-B Core

Stage 2 – offered from 2017/18 onwards

Sem Level Module Title Module Code A&F
1 5 Employability and Enterprise Skills HRM5004-B Core
1 5 Financial Management AFE5011-B Core
1 5 Financial Accounting AFE5008-B Core
2 5 Organisational Design and Analysis HRM5014-B Option
2 5 Management Accounting AFE5004-B Core
2 5 Strategic Management SIB5003-B Option
2 5 Multinational Finance and Investment AFE5013-B Core
2 5 Auditing AFE5009-B Option
2 5 Integrated Marketing Communications MAR5007-B Option
2 5 Entrepreneurship Creativity and Innovation EAE5001-B Option
2 5 World Class Operations OIM5013-B Option

Stage 3 – Offered from 2018/19 onwards

Sem Level Module Title Module Code A&F
1 6 Empirical Methods in Accounting and Finance AFE6014-B Core
1 6 Risk Management and Derivatives AFE6013-B Core
1 6 International Accounting and Reporting AFE6012-B Core
2 6 Business Ethics and Social Responsibility HRM6010-B Option
2 6 Contemporary Development in Employee Relations HRM6011-B Option
2 6 Services Operations Management OIM6009-B Option
2 6 Finance Project AFE6016-B Core
2 6 Cross Cultural Management SIB6009-B Option
2 6 Taxation AFE6002-B Core
2 6 Contemporary issues in Economics AFE6018-B Option
1 6 Project Management OIM6008-B Option

July - August

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  • Mr. Sayyed Mohammed Danish - Director of Undergraduate Department
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    Office lines: 2205820